Everything we get asked -- and everything you need to know to see if we're the right solution for you.

1. "What is a 'Technology Business'?"

2. "What is a 'Technical Co-Founder'?"

3. "What is a 'Fractional CTO'?"

4. "As a scale-up, how much time do I need from a Fractional CTO per week?"

5. "What's the difference between a 'Technical Co-Founder' and a 'Fractional CTO'?"

6. "Why is 'product' important (and what is a 'digital product')?"

7. "What is an MVP (aka 'minimum viable product')?"

8. "Do non-technology people tend to build better technology businesses than technology people?"

9. "How does a non-technology person go about building a technology business?"

10. "What are the outcomes that you aims to deliver in the work you do with non-technology founders?"

11. "How does what you do differ depending on if I'm a start-up or scale-up?"

12. "What is a 'roadmap', and how do you support a business in delivering roadmap features at pace?"

13. "How do you enable reliable future scale and growth?"

14. "How do you build 'rock-solid foundations for businesses'?"

15. "How do you help in building business partnerships and opportunities?"

16. "Can unfunded startups pay you with equity, options, or profit share?"

17. "How can you offer 'all you can eat' pricing? Surely a day rate is better?"

18. "What's so bad about day rates?"

19. "How do I choose a technical partner for my start-up or scale-up?"

20. "How much experience do you have?"