Our Unique Pricing Model

A day rate is so 2005. You just want the job done. We don't nickel-and-dime or watch the clock — a single monthly price is all you need to gain access to unlimited technical input.

· One Monthly Cost · All You Can Eat DAY RATES

1. What Describes You Best

    "Technical Co-Founder-as-a-Service"

    "Fractional CTO-as-a-Service"

  1. A single monthly-fee of +VAT
  2. Pay by equity, share options, or revenue/profit share
  3. Unlimited technical input

2. Any Add-ons?

"Version 1" MVP Build

Delivery of a baseline "minimum viable product", used to prove product market fit (++VAT/month)

3. What Commitment Can You Make?

4. Your Price



There's an application process for start-up businesses to start working with us on an equity or revenue/profit share. Click the button below to start this process...