At some point, you’re going to need to hire some software developers.

All startups start by outsourcing their product – practically speaking anyway – but this is bad because the rule of any type of outsourcing is you should only outsource things you don’t want to get better at. (For example, accounts, or emptying the bins in the office.)

As a technology company – you’re supposed to be able to produce software. Which means you need an in-house team, but it’s common for founders not to plan this but sort of “fall over” the problem as the business grows, and sort of do it in an ad hoc, reactive way.

If you want your technology business to work, this is a critical part of the medium term planning that you need to do. Get some advice early on how to build a team and, even if you can’t afford it day 1 (which you can’t), make sure you can afford it on Day 500.