There’s a problem with half-baking your MVP, either getting it out to customers too early, or – like I happened to post yesterday – using no-code or lo-code MVPs to prototype your MVP.

Even if you think you have a completely unique idea, you are in competition with someone. You will have that heartstopping moment of seeing someone post on social media some new product that seems to satisfy the same gap in the market that your product does.

You’re competing straight out of the gate, which means that even if you are approaching an organisation to run a pilot project – that first thing you have to do when you have a new product -- you risk someone else trying to do exactly the same pilot, but with a more finished product.

This particularly talks to people trying to build solutions with no-code and lo-code platforms, where you really have to squint to see the value in the product. But basically, just be aware that you can end up getting quite surprised to find someone parking tanks on your lawn, right from the get-go.