Let me tell you why technology choice does matter in your early-stage startup. You want to prove me wrong on this one – the comment button is over there.

You’re building your solution, and you need an app. The argument goes that you don’t need to think about technology because you can just throw something together and fix the problem later, and the CTO talking about tech early doors is old hat, tail wagging the dog, etc.

But you have a choice. You have to have this thing run on iPhone and Android. Do you build it once, so that it runs on both of those, but the user experience is not as good and it’s not as pretty; or do you build it twice, one per platform, but both the app will be oh so very beautiful and customers will LOVE it.

Wrong. Unless you are an outlier so far off the edge of the bell-curve you don’t even know what normal distribution is anymore, as an early stage startup with no money and no proven product-market fit, every time you pick the cross-platform one that’s cheaper to build but the experience isn’t as great.

And that is why you need a CTO.