Do you have any idea how many spam DMs or emails I get PER DAY for people trying to sell me software development services?

It’s 3. I get three a day on average.

I want to keep this tight and not go off on a rant about cold outreach marketing, but that’s crazy. It’s just a constant stream of interchangeable, undifferentiated, commodity providers just spamming everyone hoping someone will pop-up and say “I need some software!”

If you a non-technology founder and you are looking for an agency – under no circumstances should you work with an agency that you find cold like this. Non-technology founders nearly always fail using agencies to build their MVPs, and I have loads of content out there as to why.

If you’re an established business looking for an agency, I guess it’s OK to engage through cold outreach. Why not.

The better way to find an agency is to ask for a recommendation from your network – someone you trust making a referral as to the agencies chops. If you can’t find a recommendation, the second best place is just to ask is LinkedIn through your second tier network.

But don’t, DON’T, respond to cold outreach.