Why are outsourced software agencies so bad at marketing? I’ve said before that non-technology founders should always seek recommendations to find an agency to build their MVP, but ignoring that for a second, they are all TERRIBLE at marketing.

If you Google for any outsourced software house, I guarantee you the text “we’ll take the time to understand your business and work with you to find the right solution”.

Is that right, kiddo. You know what, you all do that.

I do try to make these videos self-contained, but someone asked me the other day how you go about qualifying and choosing an agency, and I’ve come to appreciate that as being a fantastically hard thing to do.

So much of that is that they all look and behave the same. They all have one single geek who does all the technology, one other commercial/ops person who tried to make the sales, but other than that they are all commoditised, all charge the same prices, none of them offer any industry specialisation, they’re one big homogenous blob.

If you’re currently looking for an agency and are thinking they’re all the same, you’re not alone.