A trap that non-technology founders can get caught up in is that you don’t necessarily need to build a lot of software in your technology business.

I don’t mean just “build a small MVP”, I mean that “ever” – there are some technology businesses where you just don’t need that much of it.

However, when working out how to build a business you will hear people talk about “standard” ways of doing things, and one such thing is that you need to and find £250k of seed capital and spend half of it on building product – which for a technology business pretty much means “paying someone to build some software for you”.

But, let’s say you’re want to set-up a business that provides a consultancy service to your clients. You need IT to SUPPORT your operations, but you don’t necessarily need to do a big software build. You might need to spend £10k-£20k on some operational systems to get the thing up to speed, and then a smaller speed to improve over time.

Don’t automatically fall into the trap of thinking that you need to build a ton of stuff.