Like my fellow CTOs, I have a pretty “technology-centric” view of the world. But someone said something the other day that shook my world.

Specifically that when I look at seed capital for a startup, I automatically assume around 50% of that raise is going to come to me to spend on developing product. And I automatically assume that I’ll do a good job of spending that money because... that is what my job is. I’m supposed to be a safe pair of hands that delivers software.

But I was shook the other day when someone asked me to think of this the other way up – specifically from the founders point of view, handing over that much money to someone working in a discipline that at best can be described as arcane and weird, is pretty scary. There’s a lot of trust there that’s effectively being demanded.

So if you are a non-technology founder, what can you ask your CTO, or co-founder or delivery partner to make you feel more secure?