Here’s a business tip that some people are not going to like me telling you.

Google listings for any IT service provision, whether you’re looking for an agency to build your MVP for you, or looking for IT support – all of those listings are worthless because every one is paid for.

If its an organic listing, the only reason why the company is there is because they’ve paid £500 for month for 24 months to get into the top 10.

If it’s a paid listing… well it’s a paid listing, they’ve paid for it.

All you are looking at when searching on Google for IT services is a paid directory. I don’t normally do this, but my next long-form YouTube video contains a huge deep dive on how you can find people to write software for you, or do IT support for you, so if you like the stuff I post in these shorts and you fancy learning about that, jump over to my YouTube channel, click subscribe, and ring the bell.

HOPEFULLY see you there.