If you’re a non-technology founder looking to use a software agency to build your MVP, one of the hardest parts of that puzzle is actually finding an agency to do the work.

If you’re spent any time on LinkedIn at all, I have no doubt that you get a good number of software agencies sliding into your DMs looking to sell you their services. My advice is always to strongly avoid agencies that are looking for customers in this way, and here’s why.

The response rate for that sort of outbound marketing is less than 0.1%. They send about 2,000 emails for every one response.

With that sort of response, how discerning do you think they are going to be about whether you are a good fit for you? The answer is, they are not. If you pop your head above the parapet, they are going to try and close you as a customer.

Working with a software agency is a partnership. You need them to be honest to whether they can help your business or not, not just be desperate to close you as a customer.