Some of you will know I recently had a stint in hospital, and others of you will know that I will desperately try for at least some period to combine that experience with topics for making social media posts as all my inspiration for these posts tends to come from the here and now.

Have you ever noticed how, in hospital, surgeons and consultants doing their ward rounds at the start of their shifts don’t listen to their customers – i.e. their patients.

You may have experience of this – the doctors come round, and the conversation they have with the patient is completely irrelevant to whatever their plan actually is. The impression is that an unconscious patient is preferable – all the data they’re using to inform their plan is coming from sources other than the reported experience of the patient.

Do you think you could design a product like that, like your MVP? Intuitively, can you design something that has good product-market fit without actually waking up your patient (slash user) and spending time with them, listening to what they have to say?