An uncomfortable truth about building a technology business when you’re a non-technology founder is that you need to find a chunk of money to build your initial product.

(I’ve got a piece going up on YouTube this week about why this is, but for now…)

It’s the same as if you wanted to start any small business that you can’t power just from sheer brainpower. (e.g. quitting your job and setting up as a consultant).

You need some “plant” or “machinery” with which to produce the value that you want the customer to shell out money for. If you want to start a café, you’re going to have to find £10k for a commercial espresso machine, then all the other many tens of thousands for all the other bits and pieces.

But a lot of people go into it thinking that you can start a technology business just from sheer brainpower. However, unless you are an actual software developer who can craft code, you’re going to need to get someone to do that and you’re going to need to compensate them for their time.