How do we define a “technology business”?

I have a really simple definition for this. You are a “technology business” if the primary manner that you deliver value to your customers is digital in nature.

For some businesses this is really obvious. If you are deliberately looking to build a B2B SaaS business, that obviously fits.

What about other businesses? One I like for this is “WeBuyAnyCar”. Although it looks like they buy cars, all of their customer engagement is digital. Use outbound marketing to promote, get people online, capture the number plate, look up and present the offer, then use various marketing automation tools to keep that need an matched solution top of mind.

Or HelloFresh. It looks like their value delivery is boxes of food, but that’s a direct to consumer technology business looking to divert people away from supermarkets through manipulation of digital channels to their customer.

Leave a comment if you know of other non-obvious technology businesses that fit into this definition.