Here’s a bit of an oddity. You need to know for certain that your MVP will work because you find an agency to build your MVP.

The reason for this is not what you think.

It is that no supplier is going to tell you not to do a project.

If you go to any software agency with a big ticket, expensive project – like spending £50k on an MVP – they are going to want to win that project and do the work and invoice you and get paid. Even if your idea is the worst idea in the world.

In our capitalist society, businesses that actively seek to dissuade customers from spending money with them, tend not to survive very long.

Now you do find suppliers who if you have a truly awful idea will take you to one side and tell you it’s not worth it, but – as per my last point – this is a very unusual mutation in how consultants or agencies work.

As a result you need to have done your homework first.