Last post I did was about the ROI of a Fractional CTO. To be even-handed, how do I do the “COI” – cost of inaction – of a Fractional CTO in the same amount of time?

As last time, the point of any “C-level” anything is that the business gets better at whatever that anything else, marketing, operations, finance, etc. But you only need to get better at something once you know you need to do it.

A Fractional CTO, who’s job is to get you better at delivering your digital products to your customers, the COI is a straightforward reversal. Without one, YOU need to get better at delivering your digital products.

As a non-technical founder, that makes you dependent on your software agency, and they will get better at delivering software, but you will not.

So the cost of inaction around not having a Fractional CTO early on in your business, is that you’re getting better at BUYING software, but not better at BUILDING software, and you can’t make a technology business work if you’re someone’s software services customer.