I’ve been spending more time with generative AI this past week or so, and here’s a question for you.

Whenever you experiment with generative AI tools, do you not find that anything it gives you has this sort of quality of “disappointment” about it.

Like when you ask something to print, and the printers not working. Or having to pay for parking on RingGo in the rain and you’ve got no internet.

I’m going to come out and say this. AI makes it a bad time to be a founder. You think it’s a golden period of opportunity, but right now, in November 2023. It’s not.

The tools aren’t there yet. You think about it, the first version of ChatGPT was launched 30th November last year. What has actually changed in that time, apart from a sort of “collective anxiety” about needing to maximise value from it.

Realistically, for a normal classic B2B bootstrapped founding team looking at a £250k raise – none of this stuff is here yet.