I’m not trying to be negative, and I’m not having a go at anyone, but there is something I see founders do that I want to talk about, and I’d like to be heard in a “devil’s advocate” way.

Like I want to ask this question – if you’re “building in public”… who are you talking to?

I really understand that founders get excited about the journey and want to share it.

But for me, as a customer, I want one thing from companies that I buy things from, and that’s RUTHLESS COMPETENCE. That’s especially true if it’s a new business.

So building in public to me comes across like it does two things. One, it’s too real and shares too much and certain customers will automatically exclude you when they see you make mistakes.

Two, you only have a certain amount of energy in which to get your message out there, and the only people listening to “build in public” narratives are other founders. That’s time and energy that you could be using to talk to customers.

Like I say, not having a go, not being negative, for me, there’s another side to consider.