I’ve definitely noticed over the past week or SO many more people are talking about their 2024 plans.

Almost as if we’re all just mentally done with 2023 and the whole mess done with.

So I’ve seen an uptick in people talking about MVPs, both on the non-technology founders wanting to build their MVPs, and companies that support people to build their MVPs. Like 2024 is the year to get going and start building.

I feel I’ve been quite circumspect in my advice on this, but it’s fair for me to be clear – if you are a non-technology founder, you have more chance of your MVP project NOT WORKING than WORKING.

The reason for that is that most founders end up commissioning a software agency to build their MVPs and that activity this is at its core, extremely difficult to do if you’ve never commissioned a software project before.

The point of this post is to get you to go into a MVP project with your eyes open and do your homework, research, get support, and have a healthy level of distrust for any agency you might work with.