One of the things that non-technology founders need to get really good at really fast is UX, and perhaps that’s one of those terms that people use, but don’t break down – so here we are.

As a founder of a non-technology business, you are ultimately responsible for the product design. Product design has a number of different aspects, one of which is how your users feel when they use your product. To put it another way, “how satisfying is the experience of using your product”.

UX “User Experience”

Your product – your software – ultimately has to get the user into a flow state. A point where the user’s operation of the software and their intent is sympatico. TikTok, for example, has amazing UX in terms of emotional response because it basically is a dopamine slot machine that’s constantly paying out jackpots.

So your job is to dial in the operation of the product to create a satisfying user experience so that they can accomplish the task they set out to accomplish. Because if the value you deliver aligns with their need to do the task, you can make some money.