Some software agencies will develop your project on an agile basis.

If you’re a startup building an MVP, this is about the riskiest way you can do it.

Agencies saying they can do agile is essentially them asking you how much money you want to spend in a year, on the HOPE that the process that ensues from that delivers some software that has some commercial value.

As an established business, this approach is more workable because over time you can calibrate how much money you need to put in order to get the movement or delivery that you want out.

As a startup business, this is a mess because without knowing what your product-market fit is, you don’t know if what you build will deliver value – because is you build something and don’t find product-market fit, practically what you have is worthless, whatever you tell yourself about the journey and the value in the lesson.

So it’s really important as a startup that you build a specification and work with an agency that can all but guarantee to deliver the specification for a fixed price.