Have you ever thought about leasing your MVP?

Years ago, I sold a bespoke software project to a company, and rather than them funding it from their own cash reserves, they leased it.

I hadn’t thought about this since, but a friend mentioned to me today that there was a company from the US that was trying to get a foothold into the UK that basically did this. They would take your £100k software spend, pay the supplier, and then collect the money from you over time – i.e., they buy the asset on your behalf, you lease it.

I’m not going to call out the name, because a) I’ve no idea if they’re any good and don’t want to recommend, and b) there’s a rumour they don’t like startups.

But scaleup/established businesses, this could be a really decent option. After all, what you’re trying to with any software spend is transform that spend into value within the business by way of intellectual property.