Do we all really need to be recording our Zoom meetings?

Now I, over the past six months, have got pretty comfortable on camera, so that’s not my complaint.

And I can see how it might be helpful to have some little AI tool go through and take minutes of a meeting, and index content of a recording.

But those of you who follow a lot of my content will know that my thing is about bad things that can happen when software projects can go wrong.

Having a lot of recordings floating around of people randomly saying whatever random thoughts pops into their head – whether you’re a customer or a supplier – that’s not great.

Like have none of you ever heard of “plausible deniability”?

By all means, have minutes that can be shared and agreed upon. And if you need to end up losing in court on the back of minutes you’ve written down and thought about, then go right ahead.

But I’d hate to have you lose because a junior member of staff had a random brain spasm in a meeting and it got caught on tape.