There’s a reason why the M&S Colin the Caterpillar doesn’t look like the Aldi Colin the Caterpillar.

This is something that can bite both founders who are having someone build their MVP, and the software agency that’s actually doing the building.

Namely that it’s fashionable these days to visualise the software to be built using wireframes. The most common tool to do this is Figma, which is a generally great tool that allows a graphic designer to draw what the software will look like, and then involve everyone in discussions as to how it will work.

The problem is that it cost about 14 pence to put a button on a Figma wireframe, and that innocent little button can represent THOUSANDS of pounds of development costs. So your graphic designer can sit there and build the most beautiful software on earth, only to find that when it comes up against your budget, which may be RIGHTFULLY more Aldi-sized, the designs are full of expectations that can’t be met with the budget you have.

If you only have an Aldi budget, make sure everyone in the team knows that top-to-bottom.