If someone is trying to convince you to take a small step into an area that is known for complexity, they are trying to sell you something.

What’s triggered me today is another post from a marketing influencer who posted “what’s the smallest experiment you can do in your marketing that proves a direction of travel”.

Nothing in marketing works unless you hammer away at the same thing for six months. There are no “small experiments”.

Usually I’m triggered by people talking about how you can build an MVP for a technology business using no-code platforms. I digress.

If you want to run a marketing campaign – for a small B2B business, that will cost you £4k a month. And you’ll need to do it for six months. There is no point doing anything less than that, because it won’t work.

But you can’t say that when you’re trying to attract customers as a marketing expert because the reality of the spend will put your prospects off. It’s much easier to convince you to take a small step rather than commit to spending tens of thousands of pounds.

And if you’re being convinced to run small experiments on someone’s recommendation, you may eventually do the big spend with them.

Business is expensive, it always has been. You need to make commitments to spend or you simply will not do anything meaningful enough to actually build a business on.