No-code/Lo-code MVPs are a straight-up disaster

There’s a movement afoot to convince non-technical founders that you don’t need a proper piece of software for your MVP.

The idea goes that you can just kind of string something together using like a no-code or a lo-code solution – i.e. build something that’s just like one level up from a prototype, from there you try it out with customers, and then hopefully they like it enough that you can use that evidence to convince someone to invest in the business, whereupon you ultimately build a proper piece of software.

I call this the “disposable MVP”/”disposable minimum viable product” approach because you are trying to build an MVP, but you’ll fully doing it with the intent to throw it away and build the proper thing later.

This is a bonkers approach, because whatever path you take, a technology startup is a software company and this approach sees you building a software company without any software. The mitigating factor is that commissioning an outside agency to build your MVP is really risky when you’re a non-technology founder, but in my opinion this approach should be avoided.