I haven’t done a Chat-GPT post for months, but that all changed now because a saw a post today saying that if you’re a non-technology founder who wants to estimate how long your MVP will take to, you can ask Chat-GPT.

First of all, if you stop watching at this point – don’t do this. Don’t ever do this. Chat-GPT can’t actually do anything that looks like calculations.

Secondly. I didn’t believe it, and I tried it, and it does. You can tell Chat-GPT what you’re trying to build and it will tell you how long it will take an how much it would cost. This is such an analogue of that lawyer in the US who asked Chat-GPT to write court submissions and ended up with a whole load of made-up precedents.

When you ask it those questions, it has the same CONFIDENCE that’s the hallmark of Chat-GPT, but it’s just lies. It’s just wrong, weird, intentional lies that it’s telling.

So if you’re still watching, please, please, please don’t use Chat-GPT to estimate software projects.