Do you ever wonder why people don’t like people who work in IT?

Look. We’re me and all the other IT people are hip and cool, and fantastic fun and parties, but there’s a general feeling we’ve taken that experience of being picked last for teams in PE and just taken that straight into the workplace for our whole careers.

The reason why is because IT is a risk-control discipline, because IT systems go wrong, and people can do… things you’re not expecting them to.. and it’s generally optimal for the business if the systems that IT people build stop aberrant things from happening.

But this gets in the way of allowing people to be creative and expressive and just get on with what they want to do to have a fulfilling professional life.

So we have this tension between on one side a bunch of people who think about risk and control first and creativity and expression second and on the other side people who do the reverse of that.

But like all things in life, maybe we need to find balance in the middle…