If you’re wondering just how unique your business idea needs to be, apparently if you go and look at G2 (a sort of catalogue for B2B SaaS products), there are 337 listings for esignature products.

That’s right, if you don’t want to use Docusign, there are 336 others to choose from.

I guess the problem here is that you could read this as per the classic first episode of Alan Partridge – what does this say to you about B2B esignature products, “there’s too many of them”, another way of looking at it is, “let’s make more of them”.

In a crowded market like that, there is no way to compete even if you do have a genuinely unique aspect to your solution – there are too many of them to disrupt.

You shouldn’t be scared of competition, because SOME competition provides a strong signal there is a market, but a saturated market? You’re most probably going to end up wasting your time.