If you’re going down the road of offshoring your software development to an overseas company, and this is the first time you’re doing this, here’s a quick piece of advice.

Most people end up thinking about offshoring their project because the price from overseas agencies looks substantially cheaper than outsourcing in the UK. For example, a typical outsourcer in the UK might cost you £80 per hour, compared to £50 per hour in Eastern Europe (usually Poland), or £20 (or less) per hour in Asia (usually India).

The reasons why offshoring to Eastern Europe exists at all is because 20-30 years ago when people started to offshore to Asia in meaningful numbers, those same people found it really hard to get good results.

Offshoring to Eastern Europe – or “nearshoring” – was invented to solve this problem. It’s a middle ground where the cost and “ease of getting good results” are midway between UK outsourcing and offshoring to Asia.

If you’re a non-technology founder, offshoring to Asia is FANTASTICALLY difficult. Please don’t do it. If you need to outsource overseas, choose an agency in Eastern Europe.