As a non-technology founder, any technical decision you make doesn’t really matter. Generally, the tools and frameworks that we have these days make most technical decisions – from a commercial perspective – moot.

But, I said GENERALLY. There is one technical decision that your delivery partner can make that always creates BAD results, and you should not let them use it.

Don’t let your delivery partner build your solution using a “NoSQL” solution – and when people talk about this sort of thing you will often hear them say the word “Mongo”.

The reason why technology decisions don’t really matter is that most A or B decisions are a bit like choosing between Coca-Cola and Pepsi. They’re both good, and they both do the job.

But this one, “SQL” or “NoSQL” (e.g. Mongo) isn’t like that. SQL is like an ice-cold Coca-Cola on a summers day, NoSQL is like trying to quench your thirst by drinking sand. Keep it away from your solution.