What do Disney’s Star Wars TV shows tell us about starting a technology business?

I love a deep dive, and if you don’t know as soon as you’ve finished watching an episode of Ahsoka, or Andor, or The Mandalorian, there’s a rich subculture of YouTube creators that will expunge frame-by-frame of every moment on the show.

And one of those I watched today was saying how amateur cosplayers are now generally better at lightsabre battles than the professional actors. Like you’ll get a better show at Comic Con than Disney+.

And that got me thinking – that’s a bit like being a non-technology founder of a technology business.

See you would think the massive corporate behemoth with billions to spend would outclass the amateur every time. But realistically, a rank amateur with an idea and a bit of an edge can, oftentimes, do a better job than the comfy incumbent sitting in their ivory tower.

So if this is the post you need to change your mode from “thinking” to “doing”, go and get on with it, young padawan.