Fiverr is no longer the nice reliable site where you can get a quick bit of freelance work done, like a social media graphic or a video intro.

You used to be able to pop along, have a bit of a search, find someone aligned with what you wanted, pay your money, and off you go. The results you get these days though are either “meh” or just “crappy”.

Fiverr and other platforms like it like Upwork or People Per Hour were stalwarts of the lean startup movement – the idea being that if you were moving fast and breaking things, just chuck some money to someone on a site like that and they’d move your needle.

I don’t know if it’s either post-Covid or a down economy thing, but my guess as to what has happened is just the race to the bottom has just cracked and oversupply has pushed the prices down so much it’s so much harder to get good results.

Talking to others, you can mitigate this with clearer instructions or better comms, but other than that, set your expectations to “low”.