The headline figures when you need to outsource your MVP is that using a UK-based agency is MUCH more expensive than taking your project to Eastern Europe or Asia.

For example, you’ll pay £80/hour in the UK, compared to £50 in Poland or £20 in India.

However what most people do not realise is that UK agencies operate on a CONSULTATIVE basis, whereas offshore agencies operate on a STAFFING basis.

UK agencies will work with you to decide what should be built, because they are CONSULTING with you to understand the business and what you are trying to do. A UK agency will turn down a commission, if what you’re trying to do is fatally flawed.

Offshore agencies just exist to throw bodies at projects and will build whatever you tell them you want built – which assumes that you do know what you want and I will tell you now NO ONE knows what they want.

The difference in price that you pay – why a project in the UK will cost you £70k and only £50k in Poland is because you’re paying £20 in consultancy fees. But it’s VERY PROBABLY worth every penny.