Here’s a quick nuts and bolts piece of advice for your startup – you’re going to need Google Apps or Microsoft 365 in your startup, but which one?

I suspect the headline I’ve put in this post is a bit of a spoiler warning, but why. But I will put a bonus tip in here to stop you buying the wrong license.

In order do actual commerce with the other humans, you’re going to need Word, Excel, and the other Microsoft 365 apps. Google Docs is trash compared to these. You will need them, don’t try and muddle through without them.

If you go with Google Apps, you have to buy TWO licenses – one with Google and one with Microsoft. There’s no point – just buy Microsoft 365.

Where small businesses (like a startup) get bitten with this is that they buy home licenses of MS365. Those home licenses don’t come with an email service. You need an email service, so you need to buy BUSINESS subscriptions. They will run you £10.30+VAT per month per license. You also get SharePoint for sharing files. You also need this.