Have you heard of the term “Done for you”. This is a term that you see a lot in the digital marketing space, although other types of services push this approach.

“Done for you”, is another way of saying “outsourcing”, but the messaging around it pushes the “handing off” nature of that work – you can give this work to someone else to do, and you don’t need to worry about it.

The problem with “done for you” is that it’s very “anti” you understanding how your business works.

I have no problem with “done for you come into my office and empty the bins”, but anything strategic “done for you” is somewhat lethal – and for a startup there’s actually nothing more strategic than the marketing.

A startup business will tend to work if your initial idea is good and you know how to bring in customers. “Done for you” means you are paying someone else to work out how to bring in customers, and that knowledge will stay with them, and that requirement to keep paying them to do this does as well. You need to own that problem.