If you’re a founder who’s not heard of SEIS, SEIS is a very tax efficient scheme designed to encourage angel investors to invest in startups.

The government publishes reports on how SEIS has been operating, and it’s quite eye-opening, and I’m likely to do a longer video on this, but when you read this report, it is a bit of a “scales falling from the eyes” moment as SEIS is sold to founders almost like a magic bullet – i.e. the fact that it is such an amazingly tax efficient vehicle for investors, it means that you are GUARANTEED to have investors lining up around the block.

The fact that HMG reports on SEIS performance is a rare moment of transparency in an industry fraught with overwrought theatricality.

The most recent report out shows there is less money raised per business than you’d think, that the London bias is frankly shocking (London businesses get just over half the money raised), investment per investor is way lower than you’d think, and there are fewer investors than you think.

Just google for “hmg seis report uk” and you’ll find it.