There is only one solid gold, unbreakable law when you commission someone to do a software project for you, which is this:

You cannot make a project which is late go faster by putting more people on the team.

If you think this sounds intuitively wrong, let me ask you this question: “can nine pregnant women make a baby in nine months?”

If you in a position where you are paying someone to build your MVP or other software project, and the project is late and they are suggesting putting more people on the project to speed things up, that’s a HUGE red flag – because since the 1970s this idea has been understood by systems engineers.

And also, I guess it’s important to understand that this tactic doesn’t work, and I’d rather not see someone with a project that is running late looking at pushing the team to allocate more resource as being a solution.

If your project is running late, there will be reasons, and some reasons can be fixed – but not by putting more people on a project.