I has to be time to stop asking people to sign NDAs.

There are a decent number of people in my network who just refuse to do them, and I’m thinking I might do the same. I’ve signed enough this year that when printed out could be used to sun a Ameglian Major Cow.

From your perspective as a founder, there are two things to consider. One, any advisor who is worth working with is not going to be cavalier with your confidential information.

Second, I’m not a lawyer, but an agreement is only as good as your ability to enforce it. As a tiny business, you would struggle to find the resources to litigate a breach of an NDA. You may be able to litigate issues with a normal agreement to supply, but taking someone to court who you feel has breached the terms of an NDA – you don’t have the money for that.

NDAs are effective much later on in an organisation’s life, not early doors. You don’t need them, I would stop bothering with them.