One of the most famous “isms” about the world of computing is that it moves fast and things become obsolete.

But what if this gets really meta and you end up obsoleting the whole IDEA of computing all together?

One of the new “isms” about building technology businesses is that PRODUCT is a more important discipline than TECHNOLOGY. As someone who’s spent their career on the tech side, I’d rather bury this fact but, you know – honesty is a thing.

Most technology problems have been sold. Generally in your startup, there are some technology decisions you can make that are definitely “bad”, but 99% of the time, technology choice comes down to preference, as opposed to actually threatening to really screw you over.

PRODUCT problems have not been sold though, and it continued today to make BAD product decisions, like lack of user-centred design, not involving customers enough, failing to solve real problems etc.

So I think today, “getting product right” is the new “getting technology right”.