Let’s talk about this new “AI pin” from Humane AI. I’m hoping you’ve seen this – it’s a “brooch” (and no one is calling it a brooch, presumably because very few of us are actually Victorian) that is supposed to be a modern take on a Star Trek comms badge.

It’s a smartphone without a screen, and you tap it to make it work, and you talk to it, and it takes to you, and as I say… it’s a smartphone without a screen that you wear as a brooch.

I want to know how it is possible to raise $240 million in VC money without anyone talking to a single customer.

I have been doing this stuff since before the dotcom boom, like I know sometimes you have to make these crazy moves to establish a beachhead in a trillion dollar market.

To bring it back to the content I usually do – like you have to talk to your customers and test your assumptions. If you customer says, “I use my device for TikTok, Tindr, Duolingo, or YouTube, Amazon”… you know your MVP needs to have a SCREEN.