Being better at product – i.e. being better at product management, product design, eliciting feedback from customers, being able to construct a good roadmap, being able to assess and tweak the customer journey – all of those things make it much easier to find product-market fit earlier on.

There are two disciplines that you need to make your tech startup work as a non-technology founder. As earlier, you have to be good at product design, and you also need to be good at product construction – i.e. technology.

But just looking at that first part. Getting to product-market fit sooner rather than later is good because cash flows to you in proportion to how good your product-market fit is. You may find you want to start bringing in cash sooner rather than later as it stops you living in a constant state of anxiety where you’re pulling your hair out waiting for things to start moving. Like you know it’s working when you’re raising invoices.

Being better at product gets you to that place faster.