You’re not going to be late to the AI party. If you’re trying to start a technology business, you are going to be feeling all of this pressure about making AI part of your solution.

You’re not going to be late if you don’t do it now.

Really, you shouldn’t do it now. The tools aren’t there. The use cases aren’t there. But more than that, it takes 3-4 years for the software industry to digest a paradigm shift. We’ve only just basically done Year 1.

For example, the Apple App Store was launched in 2008. The most basic app you could build using the tools was an app that made a farting sound when you pushed a button. It took Apple two years to change the review guidelines to disallow them.

It’s not going to go faster this time. There’s no silver bullet. The difference with this major shift is that more people have eyes on it, there’s more awareness that a shift is come.

But don’t sweat it – worry about AI in 2025.