It’s come to my attention recently that some of you are thinking that Figma is a no-code solution.

Those of you unlucky to have been buttonholed by me in your Wetherspoons will know that I am not a fan of using no-code or lo-code solutions to build MVPs. That said…

Figma is an amazing product. And it solves one problem really well, which is that software developers generally find it really hard to put themselves in the shoes of normal people and Figma does an amazing job of allowing a non-technology person to clearly illustrate what they want. That Figma project can then be used to say to a developer “build it like this”.

I have to choose my words carefully now. The situations where you should show a end customer a Figma outputs should be VERY limited. It’s not a no-code platform. Figma outputs can pretend to be functional, but they are not “meaty” enough to actually test your proposition.

You can find lists of no-code/lo-code platforms online, but I do hope that whatever deity you follow lights your way as you descend into the darkness.