There’s a user experience product design trick that I really LOVE, and it’s called a “fake door”.

Building software is really expensive, and it gets more expensive as you add each feature. The feature that returns the least value to you – the founder – is one that never gets used.

Therefore one option is that if you’re not sure that someone will use a feature, is you add a button for it, but don’t wire it up to anything. i.e. you build a door, but it’s a fake door. The more people you see try to use the fake door, the more signals you get that you need to build it.

Buffer apparently did this when they were first trying to launch. If you went to buy the product, it would come up and say, “oops, we’re still working on this”, and it told them that it was time to start allowing people to give them money.

Word of warning though – although this works very well, you have to do it with sophistication and subtlety, or you’ll end up annoying people.