There are certain types of technology businesses that have products that need to be sold in a very specific way.

Those products are ones where what you have will never make the business money, but when the solution is badly implemented or fails, millions can be lost.

These sorts of products are more on the “nuts and bolts” end – things like ERP solutions, CRM, cybersecurity tools, etc.

The challenge comes from the fact that although we’re taught that customers will go out of their way to avoid a loss – it’s very difficult to sell software, including B2B SaaS software, on that basis.

Something goes wrong in the mind of the customer when you’re trying to sell them a digital product, or a software solution. I think because software is so confusing, or it’s so easy to make a mistake, the default position ends up being “do nothing”.

So you have this mess of positioning a product that’s not returning a positive, by the cost of not having it, is very, very opaque.

This happens a LOT in startup B2B SaaS businesses, so make sure you defend against it with good marketing advice.