Here is an odd one.

My posts on selling software do really badly. Every time I put a post up about software sales, it tanks.

Which is kind of good because I want to be laser focused on the CTO side of what I do

One of the most painful lessons I’ve had to learn – and actually I’ve had to learn this twice because I didn’t listen the first time – is that without knowing how to reliably access your market, you don’t have a business.

My observation would be that founders like topics around product-market fit, commissioning MVPs, operational stuff, and they do seem to like topics related to branding, but the hard-nosed, “you are going to have to learn to get better at sales-craft stuff”, switches people off.

But in every sense, it’s impossible to startup or scaleup a technology business if you don’t know how to sell software, because at a fundamental level, all tech businesses are software, and all commercial benefits flow from being able to sell that software.